Narrative Assessment Protocol
The NAP was developed to provide a brief and cost-effective narrative assessment tool for use with young children (pre-k through 2nd grade) that is easy to administer and score.
This tool is designed to be used as a routine part of language screening and assessment by education professionals, clinicians, and other allied professionals.
The NAP, once scored, provides a comprehensive summary of a child's narrative skills with information about how often the child uses each of 20 different narrative skills.
The NAP includes the following materials:
  • A series of four wordless picture books that were developed specifically for this project to elicit narratives from children
  • Administration directions
  • A scoring form
Become a certified NAP user by completing the following steps:
  1. Watch the 5 training videos.
  2. Watch videos of the NAP being administered and scored.
  3. Practice scoring several NAP videos and compare your scores to the master scores.
  4. Complete the certification scoring test by viewing and scoring 3 videos. You must achieve 80% correct scoring across all three videos to be certified to use the NAP.